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Important and Valuble Services

Home Watch of Cape Cod provides home and business owners the security they need when they are away. An unattended problem can end up costing the homeowner a substantial amount of money just minutes after leaving for a weekend getaway. You don't have to be away for months, just remember "not to leave home without us".

Alarm and monitoring systems are only part of the solution of protecting your investment. While these items may in fact deter a potential burglar and assist in many situations, Home Watch of Cape Cod provides you with the Peace of Mind you deserve while protecting that investment.

There's a lot to watching your property the RIGHT way....

No Alarm or monitoring system is going to do the job effectively. Home Watch of Cape Cod has experience watching homes and businesses. We KNOW exactly what to look for. Home Watch of Cape Cod not only inspects the interior of your home, but we inspect the exterior as well.

Home Watch of Cape Cod also provides you with a detailed report, complete with pictures, based on the plan that you have signed up for. Should Home Watch of Cape Cod ever encounter a problem while doing an inspection, you will be notified immediately. Time in many instances is of the essence, therefore an appropriate course of action must be discussed with the homeowner immediately and remediation should quickly follow. Below is a partial list of the services we provide during each of our visits.

  • Interior & Exterior Property Check
  • Any Apparent Damage to Structure or Property
    Any Unauthorized Activity or Vandalism
    Door locks, Windows and all other entries
    Security Lights and Timers
    Interior Roof Leaks
    Basement Flooding
    Alarm Systems
    Smoke Detectors
    CO Detectors
    Thermostat Settings
    Heat Monitors
    Freeze and Flood Monitors
    Apparent Rodent, Animal or Insect Intrusion

  • Emergency Alarm Service response
  • Emergency Freeze, Heat, Flood Monitor Alarm response
  • Provide After Storm Inspection and Reporting
  • Key Holder Service
  • Liaison for authorized Vendor and Site visits
  • Scheduled appointments for cleaning services
    Scheduled appointments with repair services
    Scheduled appointments for installations
  • Battery replacement service*
  • Bulb replacement service*

  • *with customer supplied replacements

Why use Home Watch of Cape Cod Services?

Different people have different interests and needs. Here are just a few common reasons why customers contact Home Watch of Cape Cod.

  • Homes that are visited on a regular basis and maintained can deter break-ins and vandalism by creating a more inhabited impression.

  • Traveling to check on your property can be expensive, time consuming, and in severe weather conditions, be very dangerous.

  • Relying on friends, neighbors and relatives can be taxing on relationships and have unreliable results.

  • Home Watch of Cape Cod's trained personnel can detect problems, react quickly and efficiently and obtain the results for the home owner, with a phone call. Providing this service greatly minimizes the expenses incurred to the homeowner due to storm damage and/or malfunctions with plumbing, heating, and even electrical loss.

Get Peace of Mind Today!